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Triquetra Knot Long Sleeve Tee, Celtic Tri Knot T Shirt, Ancient Ancestral Trinity Knot Artwork Shirt

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There's quite literally no end to Celtic knots. There are so many different types, kinds, designs, etc, etc. It was even common practice for families and clans to make their own personal knots to identify themselves from other families and clans. Much like the Scots with their clan tartans. The three distinct points of the TRIquetra (tri means three, fun fact) serve to symbolize a multitude of a three in one concept. Life, death, rebirth, Earth, sea, sky. Past, present, future. And in later centuries into the modern-day used by many Christians to stand for the Triune Godhead: the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. Let's just say this otherwise seemingly unassuming knot has many, many meanings. And it isn't limited to just the few mentioned. Since the beauty of Celtic art is what it means to the beholder personally as well! So help us honor the traditions of the Celtic knot with a Triquetra Knot Long Sleeve Tee available in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. Also available on a Unisex Crew Neck Short Sleeve Tee. 

For a long lasting product, wash inside out on cold with like colors.