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Mari Lwyd Christmas Ornament, Welsh Yule Tradition Tree Decoration, Celtic Wintertide Personalized Decor

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Ah! Horse skull! For Christmas? Why? Specifically from South Wales, Mari Lwyd is a Yuletide tradition in which a group of people from home to home singing songs. Sounds like Christmas caroling, right? Well, sort of. The Welsh version has a slight... Twist though. One of the people in this "caroling" group take the skull of a horse (though in modern times maybe not as often a real horse skull), stick it on a pole, and put sackcloth over them with only the horse head visible. But why a horse skull though? No one really knows honestly. It's just sort of what they do. Some seem to think it has to do with the Virgin Mary in somehow. Others say it's stems from a much older pagan tradition. Either way, it makes for one of the most peculiar and unique Christmastide traditions we've ever heard at least. So, play a part in keeping this South Wales tradition alive alongside us with a Mari Lwyd Christmas Ornament! And for just $1 additional, we can personalize it for you as well. Just select the option before check out.

We can use your photo on the back too!

This durable metal is sure to last for years to come. Sublimated print will not rub or wash off. Pass this heirloom down for generations.

The back is blank but you can add a message for only $1 additional. Just select the option and use the personalization box.