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Isle of Man Slaynt Vie Shirt Celtic Knot Manx Man Mannin Cheers Ancient Ancestral Language Heritage Tribal Symbol

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The Isle of Man? That's a thing? Sure is! Situated right in between Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man is a small island with an intriguing history. Part Norse, part Gaelic, all Celtic. Manx Gaelic is, as you'd imagine, very similar to the Gaelic spoken in Scotland and Ireland. Borrowing a bit from both Brittonic and Norse though, Manx is a thing all of its own. Not too many Manx words are known either. As not many people are learning it and even less speak it as a first language. And those who do are typically in the older communities and dying off as sad and unfortunate as that is. Recent attempts however have been made and are being made to preserve all Celtic languages, Manx Gaelic included! Slaynt vie is the Manx Gaelic equivalent of the Scottish Gaelic slainte mhath. We'll admit we're personally not too confident ourselves on the pronunciation of Manx. However, from what we've researched and discovered, roughly slante vye doesn't seem to be *completely* incorrect. Though we're more than willing to admit we're possibly wrong on that. In any case, help us keep Manx Gaelic alive and well as it should be, cringy English pronunciation or not! Available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL.

Material is a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort with little to no shrinkage.

*Additional colors and sizes may be available upon request. An additional fee may be applied.

Wash inside out on cool. Tumble dry low or line dry