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Galicia Tartan Face Mask Blue Plaid Galician Portugese Flag Inspired Celtic Pattern

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Galicia? Isn't that a region in north Spain or something? How are they Celtic? Why, yes, Galicia is a region in north Spain. You know your European geography very well. Good on you! Galicia is unfortunately not considered a "modern Celtic nation" by most linguists. Which is why you may not always think of it when you hear Celtic. However, Galicia and her neighboring regions of Asturias and Cantabria are way more Celtic than you might at first except. There is a deep and rich Celtic history in Galicia going back centuries. Even today, there are dozens of Celtic festivals throughout the year in this region. They even play bagpipes! So, what's the deal? Why are they not considered a modern Celtic nation by linguists? Well, Galicia has one thing and one thing only going against in that area. The Galician language isn't Celtic like Welsh, Gaelic, or Cornish. It's a Romance language very closely related to Portuguese. And subsequently Spanish, French, and Italian. This doesn't stop Galicians from being proud of their Celtic heritage regardless though. And we consider Galicia just as Celtic as her farther north brothers and sisters. We designed this tartan as a way to honor and respect that heritage and history. Galiza para sempre!

Two layers are soft breathable polyester. Handwash for best results. May have slight shrinkage if machine dried. One size fits most adults. 5" X 7". Ear adjusters included. No filter pocket or nose wire. Not a medical-grade mask. Not returnable due to national health code violations.