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Galicia Boa Saude Shirt Celtic Knot Portugese Portugal Cheers Ancient Galician Ancestral Heritage Tribal Symbol Unisex Tee

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Boa Saude. That sounds like the Portuguese phrase for good health. But this says Galicia. What's up? Lesson time with your favorite teachers here at Alba Forged, kiddos! Galician and Portuguese are both Romance languages. This means they both come from Vulgar Latin. Very basically put, this was essentially the version of Latin spoken across the many regions that were once part Roman Empire. Regions like Spain, France, Italy, Romania, Portugal. Starting to see the connection? Slightly? Galician and Portuguese stemmed from a branch of this type of Latin. Even called Galician-Portuguese at one point. "Okay, but what's that to do with a mug," I hear you asking. Galicia, despite being a region rich with Celtic history, has unfortunately lost the Celtic language that was once spoken there. Instead, the language spoken there is closer to the Spanish and Portuguese surrounding it. We don't see this as making the Galicians any less Celtic though. And neither do they as evidenced by the many festivals centered around the Celts and their traditions still going on there to this day. Honor and commemorate Galicia and her Celtic heritage alongside us with a shirt wishing her good health and fortune available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL.

Material is a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort with little to no shrinkage.

*Additional colors and sizes may be available upon request. An additional fee may be applied.

Wash inside out on cool. Tumble dry low or line dry