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Cŵn Annwn T Shirt, Welsh Hounds Shirt, Ancient Celtic Avalon Dogs Ancestral Unisex Tee

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The Cŵn Annwn (coon anoon) are spectral, ghostly canines in Welsh mythology and folklore. Usually associated with local forms of the Wild Hunt, they're a well-known legend. Led by either Arawn, king of Annwn, or by Gwyn ap Nudd (pronounced, simply put, like Neeth), king of the underworld and the fairy folk. Annwn is the Welsh equivalent of Avalon. Known more famously as the majestic spiritual island in Arthurian legend, but more accurately in Celtic folklore, known as a general term for the Otherworlds, very, very basically said. (It gets a little more complicated than all that the more you dig into it, trust us.) Though the parallel to the more modern concept of hellhounds wouldn't be completely incorrect, the Cŵn Annwn aren't demonic. They're vicious, war-ready hounds whose image to a human is often interpreted as an omen of death, that much is clear and obvious. But more than, anything they're protectors and defenders of their homeland. Seems like a perfect idea for a shirt to us! Protect and defend with us in wearing a Cŵn Annwn T-Shirt available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL.

Material is a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort with little to no shrinkage.

*Additional colors and sizes may be available upon request. An additional fee may be applied.

Wash inside out on cool. Tumble dry low or line dry