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Cornwall Yeghes Da Shirt Celtic Knot Cornish Kernow Cheers Ancient Ancestral Language Heritage Tribal Symbol Unisex Tee

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Cornwall often doesn't get the attention it deserves. Being labeled nothing more than another county in England has led many to just see her as, well, nothing more than another county in England. But this could not possibly be any farther from the truth. Cornwall is a culturally and ethnically distinct region separate from the rest of England. And this British government even formally and officially recognizes this. Plus, what's more, they have their own language. But wait... It sounds and looks similar to Welsh actually. Good eye! This is because Cornish and Welsh are both members of the Brittonic branch of Celtic languages along with the Breton language of Brittany. This branch is distinct from the Gaelic, or Goidellic, branch of Celtic. Being more closely related to original language of the Celtic Britons than Irish or Scottish Gaelic. Yeghes da means the same as iechyd da. Good health. Used as a cheers or toast. So, wish Cornwall and the Cornish people good health and fortune with us. Available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL.

Material is a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort with little to no shrinkage.

*Additional colors and sizes may be available upon request. An additional fee may be applied.

Wash inside out on cool. Tumble dry low or line dry