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Clan Montgomery Tartan Face Mask, Scottish Family Heritage Face Covering, Celtic Plaid Ancestry Mask

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The Clan Montgomery is a Scottish clan of Welsh origin who emigrated as vassals of the FitzAlans. The FitzAlans, who would later become the Clan Stewart, were themselves an Anglo-Norman family descended from a Breton knight. Dang, genealogy is weird, huh? The Clan Montgomery is recorded in the Ragman Rolls swearing fealty to Edward the Longshanks, and would later side with the British government during the Jacobite Risings. During the 17th century, they would come to serve as mercenaries in the Continental armies of such countries as Sweden, France, Denmark, Russia, and the Bradenburg-Prussia Army. So suffice it say this most definitely a clan of seasoned warriors. So, let's celebrate this family together with a Clan Montgomery Tartan Face Mask.

Two layers are soft breathable polyester. Handwash for best results. May have slight shrinkage if machine dried. One size fits most adults. 5" X 7". Ear adjusters included. No filter pocket or nose wire. Not a medical-grade mask. Not returnable due to national health code violations.