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Clan MacKintosh Tartan Face Mask, Scottish Family Heritage Face Covering, Celtic Hunting Plaid Ancestry Mask

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The Clan MacKintosh is one of the several clan members of the Clan Chattan confederation, an alliance consisting mainly of the clans in the Inverness area. Having fought with Robert the Bruce, the 1715 Jacobite Rising, and the 1745 Jacobite Rising, the Clan MacKintosh has a deep history in Scotland. After their defeat of Lachlan Mackintosh and his 800 clansmen at the Battle of Preston in 1715, many Mackintoshes were made to travel to America where some of the Mackintosh family lives to this day. Let's celebrate the Clan MacKintosh together and buy your very own Clan MacKintosh Tartan Face Mask today!

Triple layers are soft breathable polyester with a 100% cotton center layer. Handwash for best results. May have slight shrinkage if machine dried. One size fits most adults. 5.52" X 7.88". Ear adjusters included. No filter pocket or nose wire. Not a medical-grade mask. Not returnable due to national health code violations.