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Clan Colquhoun Tartan Face Mask, Scottish Family Heritage Face Covering, Celtic Dress Plaid Ancestry Mask

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The Clan Colquhoun is a Lowlands clan traditionally from Loch Lomond's shores perfectly placed on the border of the Highlands and Lowlands. The strategic placement of their lands left them rather vulnerable to attacks namely the Clan Gregor, making the two groups the very definition of rival clans. Despite these attacks the Colquhouns stood their ground and established themselves as Earls and Baronets among the nobility of Scotland. Sir Humphrey Colquhoun, fifth Baronet of the Clan, strongly opposed the Treaty of Union in 1703 that united the countries of England and Scotland together. (Saor Alba, ya bassa!) In any case, strangely enough, there seems to be no mention of the Clan having fought for William Wallace or Robert the Bruce. Nor mention of their place in the Jacobites. However, I don't think it would be *completely* out of place to assume that, like most clans, they fought for both Wallace and the Bruce though I am willing to be told otherwise on such a matter by anyone more knowledgable than myself. But anyway, let's celebrate the Clan Colquhoun together with a Clan Colquhoun Tartan Face Mask today!

Two layers are soft breathable polyester. Handwash for best results. May have slight shrinkage if machine dried. One size fits most adults. 5" X 7". Ear adjusters included. No filter pocket or nose wire. Not a medical-grade mask. Not returnable due to national health code violations.