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Clan Carruthers Tartan Face Mask, Scottish Family Heritage Face Covering, Celtic Plaid Ancestry Mask

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The Clan Carruthers are Lowland clan of the Scottish Borders. Like a lot of the Scottish Border clans, they would from time to time partake in an old Borderland past-time known as reiving. Essentially raiding those who crossed their whether they were Scottish or English. But all great things come from... Humble beginnings of course. And at one time they were even stewards of Annandale under the Clan Bruce. For the longest time, the Carruthers were without a chief. So multiple official members of the Clan Carruthers Society International did over 12 years of research and digging to find who really is supposed to be their chief. Their hard work eventually did pay off thankfully and on August 19th, 2019, after another 20 months of their own research, the Lord Lyon, King of Arms confirmed the Clan Carruthers Chief after over 200 years! Now, Doctor Simon Peter Carruthers of Holmains is the ready and faithful 23rd Chief of the Name and Arms of Carruthers! So celebrate the hard-working, tenacious, and determined clan members of the Clan Carruthers and their persevering research with us and get yourself a Clan Carruthers Tartan Face Mask today!

Two layers are soft breathable polyester. Handwash for best results. May have slight shrinkage if machine dried. One size fits most adults. 5" X 7". Ear adjusters included. No filter pocket or nose wire. Not a medical-grade mask. Not returnable due to national health code violations.