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Property of Breizh Personalized T Shirt, Athletic Style Brittany Patriot Heathered Shirt, Breton Pride Sporty Unisex Tee

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Show the world your pride for being part of Team Brittany with our Property of Breizh Personalized T Shirt! And even put your own name on across the back too! Perhaps you already know that Brittany is a Celtic region in the modern day country of France. But did you know the entirety of France was once Celtic? Sure was. Gaul, as it was then now, was the name given to this region inhabited by a number of Celtic tribes by the Romans and Greeks comprised of modern day France and also parts of Switzerland, Belgium and a bit of Germany. Brittany, which you may notice isn't unsimilar to the word Britain, came to be when the invading Anglo-Saxons came into Celtic lands inhabited by the native Britons. The native Britons that weren't subsequently killed in raids or battles or otherwise made to marry the Saxons, picked up and left their homelands and came to live in what is now Brittany. And in 846, the then Duke of Brittany, Nominoe, united Brittany against the Franks, who had come to inhabit Gaul, and created the Kingdom of Brittany. Celebrate the rich history of this beautiful land with a Property of Breizh Personalized T Shirt today available in sizes ranging from Small to 4XL.

Material is a cotton/polyester blend for maximum comfort with little to no shrinkage.

*Additional colors and sizes may be available upon request. An additional fee may be applied.

Wash inside out on cool. Tumble dry low or line dry

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