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On the Clan MacTavish

Posted by Elias Stevens on

A customer of ours asked me to include a short history of her adoptive son's Clan in her gift order a few weeks ago, and I was proud to do so as a fellow MacTavish. My personal family history most likely goes back to the end of the Jacobite risings, where half of my ancestors immigrated to the US, and the others to Australia. Scotland just wasn't a very pleasant place to be in 1746.

"Clan MacTavish has a complicated history as a clan in Scotland. The Clan Campbell tries to claim them as descendants of an illegitimate son of one of their founding fathers. The Campbells then say they're the descendants of this founding father's legitimate son. More historically plausible, however, the MacTavishes claim themselves as descendants of an Irish-Pictish tribe who came to settle in the Scottish Highlands. They did fight in the 1715 Jacobite Rebellion, but their Chief at the time was not very supportive of their cause until the catastrophic 1745 Rising, many of the clan fought with the Jacobites under their clan neighbors, the MacIntoshes, as the MacTavish chief and his son were imprisoned by the English government for passing "treasonable" papers to James Campbell indicating they were going to raise an army in support of Prince Charles. Despite their seemingly involved and complicated history, and the hardships imposed by the government on Jacobite sympathizing clans, the Clan MacTavish lives on still."

- Elias, Clan MacTavish. 

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